Metal or wood pole barns can be a great place for storage or weekend projects. However many do not have them insulated which can cause some discomfort during the winter time. We offer products such as Metal Blanket Insulation that is specicially designed to bit your building and be a semi finished product that can be left exposed in your garage. If you are looking to prevent condensation and seal the building we offer spray foam that is applied directly to the metal. To help fit any budget we offer fiberglass and spray foam to help suit your needs.

If you are concerned about high energy bills in the winter time. The attic is a good place to look. The current R-value for a flat ceiling in Climate Zone 5 and 6 (Northeast Pennsylvania) Is an R-49. This is approximately 14-17" of fiberglass in the attic. Most homes built prior to 2000 have only 5-10" thick insulation. Once you call us we do a field evaluation of the state of your attic insulation and give you a quote on adding more to bring it up to the current code standard.If we find your current attic insulation to be damaged by (mold/animals/water/fire) we will give an estimate on removing the damaged material. It is our policy to never cover up something that may damage or harm you or your home.

Attic Blown in Fiberglass

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Crawlspace Encapsulation & Basement Insulation

Pole Barns & Garages

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We specialize in removing damaged fiberglass and plastic from crawlspaces and encapsulating them with new 6 mil poly and spray foam. If there are no sidewalls to seal with spray foam we offer a foam board solution to seal the floor from the exterior (House on piers). If you are finishing your basement we offer spray foam/fiberglass or foam boards to suit your needs. 

New Home/Addition Construction + Remodeling

New Construction- If you are in the planning stages of a new home or addition give us a call to help you design the insulation package for your home. We can provide you options in spray foam/fiberglass/sound deadning and more.

Remodeling- If you are gutting or thinking to have a drill and fill job done on your existing home we are happy to assist you. Adding insulation while renovating an older home can be a large task. However, if you give us a call we can offer some insight due to the experience we have in dealing with older home insulation.

Sound Deadning-  When your kids or bathroom noises seem to resonate through the home. It can be extremely annoying. By filling the wall cavities with dense pack fiberglass or floors with insulation it can help damper the sound traveling through floors and interior walls!